The life of hussain haqqani and the stigma around him on being anti pakistani

Former pakistani ambassador to the united states husain haqqani warned washington the f-16 fighter jets it plans to sell to islamabad will be used against india instead of militants “unless . Under asif zardari, arguably pakistan’s most corrupt politician, (i say arguably because ex pm nawaz sharif seems to have edged him off the ladder to second place in recent days), haqqani, this “great supporter of democracy and anti-military rule”, after being shunned by musharraf, wormed his way into becoming pakistan’s ambassador to . “the taliban do not represent the pakistani way of life that is why in the elections, people who supported the taliban did not win people who opposed them did” anti-americanism that . Perhaps, husain haqqani network has other ideas to appease the trump administration despite anti-muslim stance, us president donald trump did not include pakistan's name in the six countries (now .

With one tweet, hussain haqqani just showed where his priorities belong - being insensitive, disrespectful and a waste. Haqqani is one of the most discredited figure in pakistani – it is scandalous that us and indians take him seriously he has changed his loyalties from jamat e islami to pml to ppp to now pmln if he gets paid he will write against you. Life & style fashion hussain haqqani pti mr haqqani said unfortunately pakistani strategic thinkers in uniform do not realise this “disturbing line of thinking of patronising .

Husain haqqani, diplomat, scholar and journalist, has been a vocal critic of the military-mullah nexus in pakistan and of political islam being a pakistani, i . Is the reason some regard husain haqqani as being in the us camp because he favors closer indian pakistani relations hussain haqqani to my understanding was . The court declared open season on haqqani: it dubbed him a “traitor,” placing his life at risk and ispahani, one of the most widely-lauded voices for human rights in pakistan’s previous national assembly, was ousted from the legislature. [35] [36] in 1999, he was kidnapped by pakistani intelligence agents who roughed him up and held him for two months until a court ordered his release [37] the isi tried to stop haqqani from being appointed ambassador to the united states, and kept him under regular surveillance during his tenure due to his criticism of the military.

Hussain haqqani is a joke even among indians who see him a opportunist and turncoat so he has no real friends anywhere q-who is afraid of husain haqqani “cannot understand why a . Husain haqqani has more credibility in the us than the entire pakistani diplomatic corps us congressmen still call him ambassador haqqani us foreign policy towards pakistan is being made in . In the 1980s, the haqqani network was one of the most favored cia-funded anti-soviet guerrilla groups by the reagan administration in 2012, the united states designated the haqqani network as a terrorist organization.

Hussain haqqani: a pakistani ambassador who sold his country a pakistani ambassador being affiliated with foreign intelligence agencies life in saudi arabia. Warrant by pakistan supreme court politically motivated: hussain haqqani supreme court ordering pakistani administration to arrest him and get him to pakistan . Hussain haqqani | my country supports terrorism showing the facility being dismantled hours before the army's arrival hussain haqqani is not a pakistani, but . Pakistan government should revoke hussain haqqani's pakistani citizenship and ban him from entering pakistan or representing pakistan for life husain haqqani has the same right to express his . Husain haqqani | the ambassador who sold pakistan by : sarah khan islamabad in his latest article published in leading us daily, “the washington post”, pakistan’s ex-ambassador to us, hussain haqqani appointed by pakistan people’s party leadership, has successfully libeled pakistan at behest of his masters in raw and cia.

The life of hussain haqqani and the stigma around him on being anti pakistani

As a former pakistani diplomat, as a visiting scholar at the carnegie endowment and as a political commentator, hussain haqqani has both an insider and a ringside perspective of pakistan and its seven-decade long journey as a country that is desperately in the quest of the core of its absentee nationhood. Husain haqqani (حُسَین حقّانی ‬ born 1 july 1956, alternately spelled hussain haqqani) is a pakistani journalist, academic, political activist and former ambassador of pakistan to sri lanka and the united states. By raza ruman (pak destiny) hussain haqqani, former ambassador to the us, has turned out to be a traitor by drafting trump’s anti-pakistan policy and former chief justice iftikhar chaudhry is responsible for that.

  • Where is hussain haqqani would someone bother to question the integrity and eligibility of ex-general pervez musharraf who clearly violated article 6 of constitution 1.
  • Meanwhile husain haqqani said that the memo commission’s proceedings were one-sided as it refused to hear him and will be challenged by his lawyers haqqani tweeted on the micro-blogging website that the commission’s report is being used to distract attention from other embarrassing issues and that its claims are political and not legal.

Hussain haqqani: the baloch have been mounting an insurgency against the pakistani state for several decades it has always been a low-level insurgency, and pakistan has occasionally accused . Washington: pakistan’s former ambassador to the united states, husain haqqani, said on tuesday that officials in islamabad should take responsibility for their failed policies instead of looking . Former pakistani ambassador to the united states, husain haqqani said he has finally received his passport after much delay as he was being forced to give up his pakistani citizenship over his alleged anti-pakistan views haqqani has been living in the united states for more than a decade but . Hussain haqqani is the former pakistan ambassador to the united states hussain haqqani is well-known member of others pakistan herald is place where you may discuss and participate freely on national issues and about hussain haqqani.

The life of hussain haqqani and the stigma around him on being anti pakistani
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